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"It takes a village"

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We believe unity and collaboration can inspire many and build stronger communities


16 - 24s

We support young people between the ages of 16 - 24, known as NEETs (Not in employment, education or training) by upskilling, then matching them with entry level opportunities with our partners, these include apprenticeships.

Work Experience -<18s

Do you want to support in giving a young person an insight of what it means to work in your business? Work experience is an essential part of a young person's development personally as well as socially. Get in contact if you're part of an organisation that wants to get involved. 


EXTRO + Creative

“10 million jobs were lost in 2020 as a result of the pandemic in 2019” along with other factors. What was once seen as a gated community now has a massive uphill battle for creatives to earn a living and threatening creative diversity. EXTRO Creative are supporting creatives within the industry.

If you have a project you are passionate about and believe you can make a difference within society, give us a shout and see if we can help

EXTRO Creative is on a mission to increase social mobility across the world! Initially created to provide businesses with diverse talent, we found that more has to be done to assist businesses to hire and retain staff from all backgrounds. This is why we support all.


We have partnered with commercial, public and third sector organisations to train job seekers and businesses alike, forming a network and relationships to support the challenge of staff shortages across various sectors.



Ex-offenders face a steep uphill battle to reintegrate into society once released. Without the support to get them where they need to be, the chances of reoffending increase tremendously. We provide support to upskill these individuals and access to employment opportunities. 

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